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Those words will resonate in my mind forever.
In January of 2012, my mother was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Ovarian cancer. It completely shocked our family. No one had a history of this and we never even thought her swelling and pain was cancer related.
She pleaded for my sister and I to make sure we get our yearly Gyn and mammograms and I was already scheduled for my mammogram before all this happened. In early February, I went for my mammogram. This was my 2nd one ever and the same thing happened with this one as was the last one. I was asked to come back for a second screening. I didn’t think anything of it since I was asked to come back last time. When the screening was finished, I was asked if I could stay and do an Ultrasound. I said OK and I heard the doctor say; “There they are”. She asked if she could do a biopsy and I said yes. Tears started rolling down my face. When I returned to work, my friends had said they had biopsies in the past and not to worry. I just knew in my mind that they were wrong. My follow up appointment was the following Tuesday – Valentine’s day, and that’s when I got the “official” diagnoses; stage IIB breast cancer.
The first thing I thought of is not wanting to tell my mother. She has been through enough. I took the rest of the day off and hit the local winery to try and forget and went back to work the next day. It seemed like my “internal search engine” started up and I immediately started researching the disease. I found a non profit organization called Beyond Boobs! that offered group meetings for support for young women who have been diagnosed. It has been a super help to me. There were young women out there even younger than me battling this disease.
I contacted my friend who had just gone through it and she gave me some advice and she was given this colorful stuffed frog to keep with her as she went through her treatment. She loaned him to me and I took him to all my appointments. He brought such smiles to everyone who saw him and when I saw this one woman who looked so sad brighten up and tell me she liked my frog. It inspired me to pay it forward to other women. I have to see others’ smiles! It is contagious! Why not bring laughter and smiles even if it’s just for a minute! I purchased just a few and started giving them out to any women who were beginning their cancer journey and it has been very well received. A few have ordered some and shipped them to me so I could keep the “mojo” going and give them to others.
I received an email recently:
“Hi Sheryl, Thank you so much for your reply. My Mother-in-law’s friend sent Mojo to me. He is GREAT! I never thought I would love him so much, but I immediately started carrying him around with me. My husband actually snuggles up to him in bed when I don’t have him! He has brought us good mojo! I am gearing up for chemo now and my friend is too. She is in another town and I would like to send Mojo to her. I want to confirm her address first though. I have a call out to her today, so I will get the address to you soon! I would like to send Mojo directly to her since she should be starting chemo soon. I can pay you through pay pal or any other way!
I would also like to donate to Mojo’s cause. I couldn’t find a link on facebook to Mojo, but if you have some info on where I can donate and send to my friends we could help with the cause.
Thank you again!
M ”
This is why I give Mojos away! (by the way, he does have his own facebook page!)
I have also dedicated as much time as can be allowed for volunteering for various cancer organizations. Breast cancer did not define me but it did change me. I would not have met some fabulous people, made some lifelong friends, donated my time, done some crazy fun stuff, and continue to give away Mojos to others in need.
My second passion is wine. I found Wine For Cures’ upcoming wine festival and I knew this was the perfect venue for me to volunteer my time. I want to help find a cure and what a better way to do that by enjoying wine! After talking with Gil, we clicked and I immediately knew this was for me. I am looking forward to becoming more involved.


After a few surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, I am proud to say I am a cancer survivor. You will find me at various events, etc proudly showing off my Mojo and you can expect that I will have a spare when needed. (As long as I still get donations for them!)


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      love the story

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    You are such an inspiration! Love your story..

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