Fighting Oral Cancer

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Wine for Cures and

are Teaming Up to Fight Oral Cancer. Oral Cancer is part of a ruthless gang of cancers often referred to as head and Neck cancer.

These cancers can develop in the mouth or anywhere in the head and neck area. We are going to take a bite out of this problem. Working through the offices of dental professionals, dentists, surgeons; we intend to highlight this issue and be pro-active in its diagnosis and immediate treatment of oral cancer. Ask your dental professional to perform an oral cancer screening as soon as possible.  

             First, understand this can be a life threating problem. If not diagnosed in time it can be fatal.


             Lifestyle issues  like,

  •  tobacco use, the primary cause, the #1 cause; cigarettes,
  • smokeless tobacco,
  • chewing tobacco,
  • cigars and pipes
  • excessive alcohol consumption,
  • unprotected sun exposure,
  • bad food choices, unhealthy diet

Items out of your control include;

  • age
  • genetic factors
  • HPV16 viral infection
  • financial considerations

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