Ecomonic Impact of Cancer

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National Cancer Institute estimates cancer costs to reach at least $158 billion dollars annually in 2022. These numbers are based on growth and aging for the US population.

The big spenders are breast, colorectal, lymphoma, lung and prostate cancers.

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Economic Impact of Cancer continues to be a major subject of discussion in most notable cancer organizations.  American Cancer Society estimates that in 2010 the economy suffered a cancerous cost of $258 billion dollars, which considers many factors.Learn more: Read the full article


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Cancer is the number two health related killer in the United States, heart disease in is number one. Yet, many people are misunderstood about cancer. There are so many forms of the disease and with multiple variations within a named  cancer confusion only adds to this cause for worry and despair.  Information is the key to assist with diagnosis, treatment options, where to get help and financial assistance.





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  1. I was 1st diagnosed with (breast)cancer at the age of 42 in 2000. I had surgery, 6wks of radiation and a 5yr regimen of Tomoxifen. 9/11/03 IT came back, same place. I had a single mastecomy, & reconstruction. My cancer was found in my yearly mamotgram. So ladies (& men w/family history) GET THOSE MAMOGRAMS!!!

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