Dogwood Wine Festival – Vendor Registration

All Fees are donations to Wine For Cures benefiting cancer awareness, cancer research fundraising and medical scholarships for college seniors studying to enter oncology fields. Wine For Cures is a 501c3 (#46-1062636) and your donations are eligible for favorable tax treatment.

Each vendor registration includes two (2) free Dogwood Wine Festival “Wine Tasting Tickets”!

Event Location

We have a fabulous location! Right in the heart of busy Western Henrico County near the intersection of I-64 and W Broad Street.

So easy to get to and plenty of parking, too!

Vendor Agreement

Wine for Cures, a 501c3, is an all-volunteer cancer awareness, cancer research and offers medical scholarships to college seniors studying to enter oncology fields. Wine for Cures is a fundraising organization whose mission is to cure cancer employing the cultural, entertainment and health values in wine to accelerate our exciting events and memorable occasions.

Event Host’s Expectations

Wine for Cures invites businesses and/or organizations of all sizes to sell their products/services. We also encourage other non-profits, civic organizations/clubs and others interested in building their brand and gain significant public exposure. Wine for Cures expects you to aggressively market your presences at this event through your website, personal and business contacts, social media and other advertisements. Support yourself, the Dogwood Wine Festival and help fight cancer!

Booth Space:
  • Booth Size: 10′ x 10′ If your canopy is larger, contact us immediately. Only written waivers will be valid.
  • Booth Price: $150.00
  • Additional in-line (next to the first space) Booth Space: $75.00/ea Additional spaces must be registered to the same vendor. Splitting spaces among different vendors will not be permitted.
Space Assignment:

Festival Event Site Management Team will assign all spaces. This to ensure the best distribution of goods and services.


Site opens at 6 AM. Upon your arrival, event staff will promptly show you to your space. Please unload all your goods in your space (canopy, tables, chairs, signage, trade goods, etc.). Then park your vehicle in the nearby Vendor Parking Lot, and return to set up your booth.

All booths must be set up no later than 10 AM. We have excellent site assistance in locating your space, however, no assistance is available assisting you in setting up or dismantling your display.

No takedowns prior to 6 PM. We plan to have vendor focused activities through that time, therefore no vehicles shall be permitted in the event site until after 6PM.

Booth Requirements:
  • All canopies shall be free standing.
  • No use of grounding stakes permitted. (You will be on asphalt.)
  • Sand (rarely ever needed) may be used if in its own container, and removed with you when leaving.

  • No electrical or running water service will be available.
  • No fires.
  • No generators will be permitted without written permission.
  • Trash cans are on site for attendee use. Please contain all of your own refuse, and take it with you, or place in our dumpster.
  • Port-a-lets are on site.
  • All items/products that result in general site waste are not permitted, i.e. peanut shells.
Business License:

Henrico County requires that a business license is in place for this event. The good news: Wine for Cures will purchase this license for the event at no additional cost to you!

Rain or Shine:

The event will go on RAIN or SHINE; with no refunds.

Liability Insurance:

It’s Business 101, for small home-based businesses or anyone in business this is essential coverage to protect your personal assets from liability. All Vendors will provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) and name Wine for Cures as an Additional Insured. Certificate Holder is Wine for Cures, D/b/a Dogwood Wine Festival. This must be attached along with payment to complete your registration. 

Insurance specifications:
  • $1,000,000 Each Occurrence
  • $5,000 Medical Expense
  • $1,000,000. Personal & Advertising Injury
  • $2,000,000. General Aggregate
  • $2,000,000. Products-Completed Operations Aggregate

The certificate is free, your insurance agent knows about such requests. Your coverage, if you have it will be under your business general liability policy.

Mail to

Wine for Cures
P.O. Box 7
Ashland, VA 23005

You may email to or FAX 804-672-3865 as well. Few exceptions may be granted, ASK!

Waiver and Indemnification Clause

By our Signatures affixed hereto, jointly and severally , whether in an Agency capacity or Individually , do hereby release , waive and fully indemnify and hold harmless Wine for Cures and any of its Directors, Officers , Employees, Agents and Volunteers from any and every claim or demand of every kind or character from and against any and all causes of action, rights, suits, contracts, agreements, judgments, damages of any kind or nature, in law or otherwise whether they be known or unknown , foreseen or unforeseen, based upon or arising from their participation at any time , past , pre-sent or future , in the “Dogwood Wine Festival”.

Please agree to the following before filling out the vendor registration form.

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