About Us

Wine For Cures, a 501c3 public charity,  raises awareness, provides funds for cancer research and offers medial scholarships to those qualified students entering the oncology professions; nurses, doctors and researchers. We do this employing the cultural, entertainment and health values of wine to lead our fun-filled events. We produce and participate in very enjoyable projects and events that meet our mission –raising money for a wide range of cancer projects. 

Wine For Cures, a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit corporation, was founded to promote more cancer education, awareness and raise the needed financial support for continuous cancer research to find better treatment options for cancer suffers and save lives. Our greatest efforts go to raise funds for medical scholarships for students headed for the oncology practices. There are several ways to help: (1) Your contributions of money, (2) We accept in-kind gifts of usable goods and services, (3) We accept contributions of property, vehicles, real estate, stocks and other items of value or (4) attend an event.

Wine for Cures cares deeply about all cancers and the cure for cancer.  Is that potential a dream?  NO, it’s a very real and serious possibility.  Huge leaps of progress have already been made over many decades of experiments and treatments. Yet, it’s not enough.  We must do more.  The simple fact is … millions of people suffer from some form of cancer. There are approximately 1,683,000 new positive cancer diagnoses each year and nearly 600,000 persons in the United States die with cancer yearly.  It is an equal opportunity disease … it’s not selective and we are all at risk.

Radiation Treatment

Cancer treatments to persons in the United States cost over $125,000,000,000. The astronomical losses due to lack of productivity, mortality and other shortfalls push total losses to the U.S. economy to nearly Three Hundred Billion Dollars ($300,000,000,000). These figures are just money … what price do we assign to the loss of a family member, a child or the care, affection and financial support forever taken from a child whose parent has been disabled or died from this killer?

The high costs of dealing with all cancers put our nation at great financial risk. Curing cancer should be a national priority for all Americans. Government is not the entire answer.  Each citizen needs to take action to fight off this thief. Nearly half of all Americans are diagnosed with cancer. For the other half, it’s just a matter of the right genes, environmental exposures, diet and pure luck.

 Big numbers: 1:2 men and 1:3 women in the United States will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime.   In 2010, 600,000 Americans died from cancer and 7,000,000 died worldwide, according to a leading oncologist and author of  “The Emperor of All Maladies”: A Biography of Cancer published in 2010. Powerful stuff, read it!

Cancer cells are found in all of us. Cancer is a disease where certain cells in your bodies undergo out-of-control abnormal growth. Often, this deadly process by cancer cells is caused by damaged or a defect in the cells’ DNA. These cells come and go from our bodies on a daily basis, yet almost half of us have or have had some form of cancer, that’s a staggering percentage. The other half is waiting in line.

Leukemia Cell

For example, about 30,800 new cases of Leukemia, a deadly blood cancer, are diagnosed annually. About 21,700 victims die each year, a 70.5% death rate. Only research and aggressive treatment will save lives. Millions suffer from cancer, in fact, approximately 47% of the population is diagnosed with some form of cancer. What’s more amazing, all of us have cancer cells cycling through our bodies every day. These rogue cancer cells are looking for a host or home, a place in your body to set-up housekeeping and pay no rent.

Wine for Cures expects to do just that, by providing education and the very important funds for more research, treatment options and aiding with scholarship funds. Importantly, we want to have fun doing it, through creative fundraising, fabulous events and wine-related merchandise.

Wine for Cures is working!  The action demanded is to raise the very needed and necessary financial means to invest in cancer research.  Research is the fastest route to the best treatment options, remissions and hopefully, the ultimate cure and prevention.  Every dollar saves lives!

Mission Statement

To be the leader in fundraising for research through Cancer Cure Causes. To deliver superior service by promptly identifying opportunities and providing an environment of respect and mutual trust that promotes creativity, team building and an entrepreneurial spirit. Continually recognize that cancer is the cause of great personal despair and a substantial economic burden to our economy.


Cure cancer, fund research that provides treatment options and fund scholarships.


Be intentional.


On my honor, I shall maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and personal responsibility. That means I shall not lie, cheat or steal as representative of Wine For Cures.


Wine For Cures volunteers are smart, successful and innovative. They work hard at whatever project they chose to tackle and apply seriously solid business methods to get the assignment accomplished. We offer our services to others. Support services are available to inspired individuals, service clubs, companies, community groups and more. When you make the decision to move forward with your cancer cure cause, contact us.

Come join all of us! Become an Ambassador, volunteer or sponsor an event. We enjoy great fellowship bringing along friends while making many new ones.

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